punk shawn

I’m not ready

Anonymous wrote: What did Bart do to become an asshole? Sorry I'm really behind on all the drama 🙊💕

Used all the boys and frankly everyone is done with his shit

Anonymous wrote: Hi I have a problem my BFF who is super skinny makes me feel like shit Cus of my weight and I'm not fat I'm a size 2 actually but I have a ass and boobs which she doesn't and she just always makes me feel bad idk what should i do

Leave her. If someone isn’t making you feel positive you shouldn’t have her in your life. Every person should take all the negativity out. All you need is to surround yourself with people who make YOU the best YOU.

Anonymous wrote: that makes me feel better because cause of some people who did say he was really rude and shallow got me really scare nd insecure

Well those people are stupid 

Anonymous wrote: can you describe how cameron is? from what i see he's really sweet but some people said that he can be really rude and ignore fans/shallow. i just don't want to annoy him or screw up when i meet him :(

He’s a sweetheart. I don’t know where you saw him being an asshole to people. Every single person I’ve ever met/talked with said he is one of the best people to meet because he is so into everything and so sincere and gives the best hugs <3




is that tiger woods behind him




This will be the last group shot of everyone at a Magcon Event 😣


they are such idiots oh my god

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